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Good intentions are made to be broken. Not that it would matter for my future schemes. And still. About a year ago I promised to blog again more frequently – I stopped posting new stuff regularly a couple of years earlier – and of course I didn’t manage.

But I still hope I will succeed this time. The reason is simple enough. My PhD. had been completed and defended (online that is) and all the due articles have been published. So lets hope now time is ripe for new challenges.

I even made up a list with possible topics and made a plan to put out one of these every couple of weeks. And by the way: I left Facebook more than a year ago and recently a couple of updates bricked my mobile phone twice in a row. That meant back to a couple dumb-phones (I used to have a dual SIM, now one nokia for each SIM, a black one and a white on – ying and yang so to say), no mobile data worries and no dead batteries any longer. Back to a life free of distraction and FOMO. I can highly recommend it to everybody. Swipe less, dance more!

Surely to be continued…