The (sometimes) hard life of archive rats.

Normaly you wont hear me complain often about the hard work I invest in my pretty intense hobby.

Most of the time I consider it as a privilege to be able to do what I do. Most of the time, though some days are not like the others.

The last two weeks, for instance, where fairly intense. A bit of an overdose, really. Even for this fella.

The launch of the new blog generated loads of extra work. Not to mention the (self chosen) translation into English.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed the fact that you could all follow my blog worldwide.

An advantage I could hardly have imagined before. I rarely invest in attracting new readers, though.

The point is: if you want to do it properly, you realy have to go for it. And I don’t. Because I wont. Because I don’t think it is essential for what I want to achieve.

So I will have to slow down a bit. There just aren’t more than 24hrs in a day. Period.

But, what was it, that bothered me in the first place? Well, I had to finish a ‘so called’ review for a scientific paper.

The point is: I reviewed the book of a good and loyal friend, Staf Vos (Dancing in Belgium 1890 – 1940 – only available in Dutch). And trying to be just and correct and scientific at the same time, can be exhausting, occasionally.

At last a book of a fellow dance historian, every inch as involved in the subject as myself.Please buy this book and consequently devore it.

After the experience, you will be enriched with an enormous quantity of interesting facts and hopefully also short of some hard stuck illusions.

At least about the dance history of this small slightly surrealistic European country.

After the review thing, I dived head-over-shoulders into the history of the quadrille.

I promised to give a lecture, you see, for the weekend after that(members only).

And because I’am working on my doctorate on the train mostly, I fell short of some ‘traintime’ for the first time in a while.

The train company will love to hear this: somebody not bothering to spend more time on a train than strictly necessary.

And so, I got a bit tired and decided to share this blogpost to the world.

I hope you enjoyed the trip. Because, let me be clear: I still amuse myself enormously being able to do this work each and every day. An into the bargain being acclaimed for it from time to time.

Life is just about hugs. Giving some, receiving some. Right?