Société des Redoutes is starting a new project!


Société des Redoutes is starting a new project ! 19th century dancing is fun in a ballroom, but performing it on stage is a different matter.

Then we have to aim for the best quality in dancing and looking for the best choreographies.
So I am looking for excellent dancers, amators and (semi) professionals who want to join and learn in a new group based in Ghent, concentrating on 19th century society dance in all it’s splendour. It’s not about costumes, therapy or social meeting and easy to remember choreographies danced by all. It’s about DANCE like Dancing Masters wanted it in the 19th century , good dance research, good music. So if you feel you would like to join us as a dancer and dancing 19th century properly where everbody knows what to do : we can start planning WK classes etc… from autumn 2016 on !

It doesn’t matter how old you are but you have to be able to do an entrechat quatre or a decent ( tendre or double ?? ) pirouette or a temps brisé.

Contact me by facebook or email for conditions :

The first picture is a ” abonnement card ” for 12 classes in Ghent circa 1840. Private collection Lieven Baert. Who wants to use it again in Ghent ?