Dans’ant is on non-profit organisation dedicated to the heritage of dance history. Beside keeping this blog up and running, dans’ant is mostly active in the field of scientific research. Reseach is in fact the base of everything we do. And it doesn’t make any difference which type of heritage is involved (monuments, archives, traditions, etc.), as long as the content has a link to dance history, it is fine with us.

Along with research, dans’ant is also specialized in translating academic findings towards different audiences and publics. This can of course take different forms:

– Expositions

– Lectures

– Guided tours

– Articles

– Books

– Dance lessons or bals

Lucky enough, dance history is not a boring subject. Dancing is highly participative nearly by definition. You can dance yourself or watch the others dance nipping from your coctail: you are always involved, whether you want it or not. Most people like dance history, because they like going to parties and bals themselves. Most are surprised when finding out, there’s a vast historical background, sometimes directly related to their own experiences.

Dans’ant can also help you or your organisation with dance history. What that wil be, depends on you. We are convinced that there are no standard answers or solutions for you particular plans. Please let us know what you’re up to!

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