These are some of our friends on the world wide web. Please take a look at their sites!

In Belgium:

Museum Vleeshuis
The ultimate music museum if you are interested in dance history

Staf Vos’ blog
Blog about dance history in Dutch

3D Theaters
Historical theaters from the Antwerp past, based on designs of Sketchup Pro specialist en historian Timothy De Paepe

Historical Dance
Lieven Baert’s website. De historical dancing master per excellence.

La Machine à Recoudre le Temps
Our historical costume maker

Agir XIX
French association of historical dancing groups

Resonant vzw
Flemish center for musical archives
Flemish association for non-professional dancers

Flemisch association for folk- and jazz musicians

LECA vzw
Flemish center for the culture of daily life.

Tapis Plein
Flemish center for intangible heritage

Heemkunde Vlaanderen
Flemisch association of historical societies.

Instituut voor Vlaamse Volkskunst


Belgian Opera Archives Online
Initiative of David. A. Day, librarian of Bringham Young University, Utah
Rich source for those busy with ballet history

Capering & Kickery
American blog on dance history

An American Ballroom Companion
One of the richest online sources for dance history I know.