New blog live!

After all the aggravations and headackes, we can proudly announce that our new blog is live! All the posts of the ancient blogpost are imported, but not readily available. You can still read them at the old site, where they will remain for a little while. In the mean time I hope to find the time to transfer them one by one.

But let not linger in the past. This blog is already about the past enough. What’s new in this blog? To begin with: it is available in Dutch and in English. A deliberate choice. English is more than ever the lingua franca among scientists. And because this blog pretends to be about history in a scientific way, I had no other choice. By the way, I learned by four years blogging experience, that clinging to dutch more or less places one on an island. Even more so when one chooses to write about such a niche subject as dance history most certainly is. Forcing myself to write in English regularly, serves of course also another goal: learning to write English properly. So don’t blame me for the many mistakes to come. Kindly send them to me by mail. I will most humbly correct them and – so I hope – learn to become more proficient in English.

Not all the posts will be available in English though -it would be madness to translate the whole backlog of this blog – but all new articles will be. Nonetheless, I hope to find the time to translate some representative articles for you. You will be forewarned by consulting the ‘What’s new?’ pages.

This blog doesn’t allow posting comments. I you want to comment on the articles you can share on some social networks and post them there. I don’t have a dedicated facebook page either. If I would want that to work work properly, it would cost me too much of my precious time. Both are deliberate choices. Writing articles and doing research is my focus, not entertaining half the world I don’t even know in person. If you think your comment is very important, or you want to contribute, you can always consider the burden of sending me an e-mail.

And because nobody works alone, I would like to thank my wife and my mother helping me to achieve this huge task, providing the artwork and the administration for my organisation. Have fun!