Contradance lessons in Hingene – spring 2013

Dear readers,

We received recently a nice announcement in our mailbox, we happily share with you:

"Good afternoon,

On this winterday, I gladly invite you for our contradance lessons,organised by 'Stichting Klassieke Dans' (Classic Dance Association) this spring on our castle d'Ursel.

Lessons are on Saturdays 9th of March, 13th of April, 4th of May,from 10 AM to 5 PM and com at the cost of 100 euro's (drinks and lunches included).

For further information and submission of your form, pray,reach Mr. Johan Goessens of the association on time via or mobile phone ++32/(0)498 36 61 71.

Kind regards and best wishes to all of you,


So, don’t hesitate, it is a bargain. The castle is superb and the lessons are a pleasure.