Biennial EDC Conference – all ended well


Because of some train- and internet annoyances, it took rather more time than planned before I could blog about the Biennial EDC Conference in Bath. The conference took the stage in the magnificent 18th-century Prior Park Castle. Nowadays home to what I guess must be a typical Britisch boardingschool. We were lodged in the priory covert in a romantic English garden full of rocks, wells, ancient trees and grey squirrels. The view we had from the premisses over Prior Park Landscape garden with a glowering Bath in the valey below one should see to believe.

I was invited to present my Phd. research of the past few years in front of an audience of dance historians from all over Europe. I never received so many questions and suggestions as this time, which makes me feel realy happy for the future. Therefor I wish to thank each and everone of the staff, collegues and attendees of the conference for granting me such a nice experience.

Over the next few weeks I will blog regularly about my impressions abroad offering you all a rare glance through the eyes of a travelling dance historian in London & Bath.